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I didn’t get to present on capstone night due to a previous commitment, though I am still prepared to present. I have taken into consideration the critiques given to me by my teacher and have worked such kinks out of my project. I have practiced my presentation to allow for smoother running and less fidgeting with my notes which was one of the key points i needed to work on. When i presented in front of the class I was only a bit nervous due to the fact that it was a room of my peers who most likely wouldn’t judge me at all for mistakes i made during my first presentation run. Now that its over I’m clearly relieved as many others are. When piecing my paper together I found it extremely helpful to write in sections therefore i could concentrate on a specific part and wasn’t overwhelmed by having to write it up all at once.I actually enjoyed learning about something I’m truly interested in going into in the future. After all Capstone wasn’t as bad as I had heard it would be and I actually enjoyed my subject.


I present on April 30th and I have no idea how I’m going to do so. I want to find a way that keeps the audience intrigued in my information, something that’s more creative than a powerpoint or prezzi presentation. I’ve contemplated using a video, handouts or maybe both just something that makes the audience pay attention and learn about what you have to say as there is nothing worse than a boring presentation. As well I need to be able to relay my information about mg research topic to the audience in a way they understand. This is going to be a strenuous process but I believe it can be done well done.

Motiviation comes from within. From what I’ve experienced the only type of motivation that works and can get you to your goals is intrensic motivation. Motivation that comes from within you, that thing that lights a proverbial fire under your butt, the thing that kicks you into motion and causes you to start working towards what you want and work hard at it. The reason I believe motivation from within is the only successful type of motivation is because you can do things because you have to do, or are told to but, there is no passion behind that motivation like there is your from within yourself. If you set your mind to something you can achieve it. The things that I’m motivated towards getting or achieving are similar to others but also different. I’m motivated to have a good life at this point I’m not exactly sure what that exactly is but I want to be able to live a long and healthy life, and not to sound shallow but money is another. Everyone wants money and people say it can’t buy you happiness but I believe in a sense it can provide other things such as comfort. Those are my thoughts on motivation.

I believe the only true motivation can come from within yourself. It has to be internal otherwise i believe its false motivation in a you sense. Say you’re lifting weights and you’re doing it because you want to improve yourself you are going to keep pushing yourself but if you’re not doing anything and your coach yells at you to lift harder that type of extrensic motivation is going to wear off when your coach goes away. Things that will improve me as a person such as exercising motivate me. Just as well money is a great motivator for me and almost every other person.

My section 4 draft is exactly that, a draft. I completed it, but it was a bit rough around the edges I used the draft to just get my ideas down on paper in a semi organized manner. My main points are addressed but the minute details are not quite all there. Quoted passage and citations have not been fully noted or shown properly though that is what I intend to and truly must accomplish before the project due date. I’m not concerned though, I have plenty of time to make such minor adjustments and add a bit of support text to my project to increase length and fill an actual 10 pages.

As of now I’m in the very beginning stages of section 4. I have the outline of my secondary questions and I’m continually trying to improve the questions to maximize the amount of information that I can put into the 4th section as well as lead up to the answer of my essential research question. I know where my most relevant information comes from and it is directly related to my main question and very revealing on my topic question. One of my problems at this point is I have yet to interview anyone regarding my subject which could be a volatile piece of information. Though I feel as though I’m ingwell set to start the 4th section of my research, I am a bit intimidated but the length and importance of this section of my paper, but seeing this section as a series of mini essays, I think, is a great way to look at it and focus on smaller amounts of concentrated info rather than worrying about the whole thing at once. I don’t believe I should have a problem with this part of the paper I’m confident I can accomplish speedily and successfully.

People have an array of beliefs on the issue of maturity, how you become mature, and when. Gerard Egan laid down his steps to becoming a mature adult, and I’m personally not sure what to make of it. The reason I say that is due to the fact I believe everyone matures in his or her own way. Some people need motivation to mature, others need space to think and do it on their own. No person is created exactly the same so why would we all mature in exactly the same way?  If that was so, shouldn’t there be a designated age or comprehension level to be able to claim maturity? Is there even a such thing as maturity? Not everyone seems to be mature, even in their middle-age years. Perhaps maturity is a fictional state of being. Regardless I do agree with one of Egan’s points, his first, stating that you must assume an active role in life rather than a passive one to become mature. The reason I agree with this is because I believe you must try things and fail in order to learn from your mistakes and not repeat such things in your future.