I didn’t get to present on capstone night due to a previous commitment, though I am still prepared to present. I have taken into consideration the critiques given to me by my teacher and have worked such kinks out of my project. I have practiced my presentation to allow for smoother running and less fidgeting with my notes which was one of the key points i needed to work on. When i presented in front of the class I was only a bit nervous due to the fact that it was a room of my peers who most likely wouldn’t judge me at all for mistakes i made during my first presentation run. Now that its over I’m clearly relieved as many others are. When piecing my paper together I found it extremely helpful to write in sections therefore i could concentrate on a specific part and wasn’t overwhelmed by having to write it up all at once.I actually enjoyed learning about something I’m truly interested in going into in the future. After all Capstone wasn’t as bad as I had heard it would be and I actually enjoyed my subject.