As of now I’m in the very beginning stages of section 4. I have the outline of my secondary questions and I’m continually trying to improve the questions to maximize the amount of information that I can put into the 4th section as well as lead up to the answer of my essential research question. I know where my most relevant information comes from and it is directly related to my main question and very revealing on my topic question. One of my problems at this point is I have yet to interview anyone regarding my subject which could be a volatile piece of information. Though I feel as though I’m ingwell set to start the 4th section of my research, I am a bit intimidated but the length and importance of this section of my paper, but seeing this section as a series of mini essays, I think, is a great way to look at it and focus on smaller amounts of concentrated info rather than worrying about the whole thing at once. I don’t believe I should have a problem with this part of the paper I’m confident I can accomplish speedily and successfully.